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Michael Lista & Jason Guriel

Senior Contributing Editor:
Carmine Starnino

Managing Editor:
Suzannah Showler

Contributing Editors:
A.E. Stallings, Alexandra Oliver, Brooke Clark, Jack Hanson & Jackie Hedeman

Foreign Correspondent: Evan Jones

MICHAEL LISTA, co-editor, is the author of the poetry collections Bloom (2010) and The Scarborough (2014). His non-fiction collection Strike Anywhere: Essays, Reviews, and Other Arsons is forthcoming in 2016. He has been an editor with The Walrus and The National Post, and his work has appeared in Slate, Poetry, and other magazines. 

JASON GURIEL, co-editor, is the author of The Pigheaded Soul: Essays and Reviews on Poetry and Culture (2013) and other books. He is the recipient of the Frederick Bock Prize and the Editors Prize for Book Reviewing, both from Poetry magazine. His writing has appeared in The AtlanticThe New Republic, The Walrus, and Flavorwire. He lives in Toronto.

CARMINE STARNINO, senior contributing editor, is the author of numerous collections of prose and poetry including A Lover's Quarrel: Essays and Reviews (2004), Lazy Bastardism: Essays and Reviews on Contemporary Poetry (2012), and This Way Out (2009), which was nominated for a Governor General's Award. He is a senior editor at The Walrus, the non-fiction editor for Porcupine's Quill, and the poetry editor for Véhicule Press. He lives in Montréal. 

SUZANNAH SHOWLER, managing editor, is the author of Failure to Thrive (2014), a finalist for the Gerald Lampert Award. Her writing has appeared in Slate, The Walrus, The LA Review of Books, and Hazlitt. She has been a finalist for the Canadian National Magazine Award for Best New Writer in feature journalism and the Writers’ Trust of Cananda’s RBC Bronwen Wallace Award in poetry. She currently lives in Ohio.

A.E. STALLINGS, contributing editor, is an American poet, critic, and translator based in Athens, Greece. Her verse translation of Lucretius, The Nature of Things (2007), has recently been reissued in hardback by Penguin Classics. Her most recent collection is Olives (2012), and her work has appeared in The New Yorker, Parnassus, The New Criterion, and other magazines. In 2011, she became a MacArthur Fellow. 

ALEXANDRA OLIVER, contributing editor, was born in Vancouver, BC. She is the author of Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway (recipient of the 2014 Pat Lowther Memorial Award) as well as a forthcoming collection Let the Empire Down (2016). Oliver co-edited (with Annie Finch) Random House/Everyman’s one-hundredth anthology in the Pocket Poets series, Measure for Measure: An Anthology of Poetic Meter (2015). She also co-edits the Toronto formalist journal The Rotary Dial.

BROOKE CLARK, contributing editor, edits an epigrams website and writes about references to Canada in books by non-Canadians. His poetry has appeared in journals in Canada and the U.S., including ArionLiterary ImaginationThe Rotary DialAble Muse, and Light

JACK HANSON, contributing editor, has written for Bookslut, Carte Blanche, Full Stop, The Hopkins Review, Open Letters Monthly, The Scofield, and The Quarterly Conversation. He received his BA (Hons.) from Suffolk University and is now a graduate student at the University of Chicago. Born and raised in Massachusetts, he lives in Chicago.

JACKIE HEDEMAN, contributing editor, is a former grant writer and current grad student. Her work has appeared online in Watershed Review and The Manifest-Station, and on stage with Available Light Theatre. Jackie is the Reviews & Interviews Editor for The Journal, the literary journal of The Ohio State University. Her triple passions—the Midwest, chocolate chip cookies, and Cold War espionage—occupy an undisclosed portion of her waking thoughts.

EVAN JONES, foreign correspondent, was born in Weston, Ontario, and has lived in Manchester, UK, since 2005. His most recent poetry collection is Paralogues (2012). He has written for The Guardian, The New Criterion, PN Review, Poetry Review, and The Times Literary Supplement


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